Monday, December 21, 2009

Engaged & Training Camp

Laura and I are engaged! We're pumped probably looking at a Fall 2010 wedding. Both of our families are excited. Unfortunately, we are not spending Christmas together. Laura is on the train back to Wrightstown PA, and I'm already in San Diego. I brought my bike out here, so I'm having a little mini training camp.

Not sure if I can really call it training camp, since it is just a Christmas Break, but I'm out in San Diego for around 10 days. Its really nice to get away from the horribly cold temps of the mid-Atlantic and to ride in shorts and a jersey. I swear, that factor alone adds 30 watts.

The last month has been spotty with training. When I have been able to ride, I've ridden hard, so I still am pretty fit. This camp is mostly to work on my base. The key measure of base for me right now is the amount of time I've spent at over 300 watts in the last 28 days. That number plummetted to under 8 hours prior to day. I've got it back up to over 9 now, and I would love to see if I can get in the upper teens by the end of the camp.

Today was 75 minutes of tempo and a steady effort...VI of 1.01. The route was hilly, so it made it more difficult to keep the steady effort, but I was pleased with where my fitness is at this point. Uphill, downhill, steady watts.

I'm toying with doing some early season stage races. I'm looking really hard at the Tour of the Bahamas and the Valley of the Sun Stage Race. Both are time based GC, and I think I could get from 3--->2 at Bahamas, and Valley of the Sun would suit me very well in the TT for the Cat 2 race. Just sayin'...

Fitness is good right now, nutrition is pretty solid, and this training camp should help quite a bit to continue the focus into 2010.

2010 is going to be a great year. I'm getting married, so it doesn't get better than that. Work is looking pretty solid, as we laid a good foundation in 2009, and bike racing should go pretty well. Big focus on the bike will be working hard for the team, getting the 1 upgrade, and crushing the TT at Elite Nats.