Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Whoopie Cusion

Limited bike related content! Saturday was Halloween, and after limping home from the 7AM and 10AM rides I had to come up with a costume.

Laura and I headed out in search of Halloween costumes, and we ended up at Party City (I think thats what its called). It was a total madhouse. After inquiring about 5 different non-distinguishing costumes and being told they were all sold out, I decided to take a risk.

Me: Can you just give me an adult, male costume without a mask?

Employee: Uhhh...yeah (laughing) about this whoopie cushion costume.

So Saturday night I was a whoopie cushion. I blew up some balloons and put those inside the costume to ensure I appeared as an inflated whoopie cushion.

I would show a picture, but our friend Ann can't find her download cable. Its too bad, mostly because Laura looked quite cute as a corrections officer.

Imagine this photo, except with me, and with 10 balloons inside, AND with Laura next to me.

Exciting stuff!

I ate so much candy. I think I put on 3 pounds this past weekend!
PS--the 7 AM and 10 AM rides are fun.


Blogger Iain Banks said...

At the Pittsburgh 1/2 Marathon I did this past weekend some girl ran the whole race dressed like that!....wouldn't have like to been behind her the whole way!

2:47 PM  

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