Tuesday, September 02, 2008

I think I killed Patrick...

I gave Patrick, my brother, my old Giant TCR2 Road Bike after I got my Soloist. We went out for a ride last weekend, and Patrick obviously enjoyed it, and it seemed like he had quite a bit of potential. Today wasn't supposed to be a killer ride for me, so I suggested we go out and cruise around for 2 hours.

I guess I sort of forgot how long a 2-hour ride is for a "green" cyclist. San Diego is hilly, so there really aren't a whole lot of places to hide. Patrick was a trooper, but he's hurting big time now. Poor guy. Give him a year or so, and he will be a dominant force on the bike. Neither of our parents is super strong on the bike, but their genetics combined seem to give the right recipe :-)

I've got some good pics, and I will post them later.

During our ride today we rode with some dude from Credit Agricole. He had the full kit on, and his legs were massive. I'm only going to assume he is actually on the team. The irony is he was sitting on Patrick's wheel for a mile or so. I still can't get over how HUGE his legs were...insane!


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