Monday, August 11, 2008

Learning to rest

Coming from a background as a distance swimmer, I have been conditioned to feel like I need to "do work" on a daily basis. I think this is partially the reason I was always injured in running. Pavement is not nearly as forgiving as water.

In working with Peter Cannell I have begun to learn the importance of each training session. Each session has a very simple, yet specific, purpose. To keep it simple, the purpose is either to work really hard or to recover really hard.

Over the last few weeks I have had lots of racing. I also don't have very deep fitness right now, because this season has been quite segmented until the last 5 weeks. This means I need lots of recovery right now. Hopefully as I establish a deeper level of fitness I will not need to rest quite as often. This week is one key workout on Wednesday, a tune-up on Friday, and racing this weekend. Every other day is a rest day.

Life as a cyclist is simpler. One workout, one purpose, one focus. I like it. Hopefully the rest this week will enable me to get a good result this weekend.


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It must suck having Cat1 legs and a Cat5 brain ;^P

Good luck--enjoy the ride.

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