Monday, August 25, 2008

Page Valley Road Race and Product Reviews

You know how blogging goes. When the race doesn't exactly go as planned talk about something else or just wait a long time to blog about it.

I felt like I had great legs, until a couple of km from the finish. Then the twangs of cramping started to creep up on me. Course was hot and hilly. I just didn't have it for the final hill of the multi-lap 11 mile circuit. Ended up in 14th place. Good position, bad it goes for another road race.
I'm going out to San Diego for about 10 days. Bringing the bike, and I'm going to ride some good mileage. That should help to get me some great legs for the final road race of the year. Hopefully can have a good hit out that weekend.

So now for the fun stuff. I have some new toys.

1. Rollers from These things are awesome. I have done VO2 Max intervals on them, and they feel so much better than riding on the trainer. The rollers are in the pic below. No I don't ride with an aerohelmet indoors on a regular basis. This was just to get some photos of my aero position. Notice what a difference it makes to make sure the helme is oriented correctly. Probably going to make a few changes to try to be even more competitive in TTs next year. Rollers are a little hard in the aero position, but Emotion Rollers from Inside Ride have these protective bumpers on the side, so you don't fall off. THEY HELP LOTS!!! Maybe it is a good thing I have a helmet on while learning how to use rollers...ha.

I will have to post some videos of these rollers when I have a chance. They are totally amazing; they are unlike any other rollers I have ever seen.

The BIG BIG BIG News? Look at this picture!!! What is new? Hints:
  • Its Red
  • Its Black
  • Its Carbon Fiber
  • Its pretty much awesome!
  • Its fully equipped with Dura Ace

This is from Saturday's pre-race tune up ride down at Hains Point. I met up with Lindsey and her friend Caroline. They are both training under Paulo Sousa . They should both turn some heads this fall. Look for Lindsey and "The Slice" to dominate in Dallas, Vegas, and Clearwater. Rumor has it that Caroline (photographer) is planning to dominate on a Cervelo in Hawaii. I can't argue with that bike choice!
So my previous post had one picture. This one has two. I'm still a technological dinosaur compared to today's teenagers, but I'm working on it!


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